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The  art work in all the collections are my own work.  Unless stated, the  art work you will receive will be the genuine unique piece of work.  The memorials are in top quality pastels, and every effort is made to offer a second to none personal service. 


Each piece of work takes hours of time to complete, so as you can appreciate I have to secure a deposit before beginning any commission.  Saying that I like to keep in contact with you to update you of the work, framing delivery details.

All paints and pastels are top quality and lightfast. All framing is completed to a professional  high quality standard.



Hi  my name is Melanie.  I have spent my whole life studying and teaching art. Using different medias and teaching different kinds of people. I live in the Midlands with my family around me.  I have an art and design diploma as well as a degree in education which concentrated on dysfunctional youth. My art crept into all my teaching, albeit English or life skills. 

I have taken my art to the next level by becoming a freelance fine artist and offering my services and skills to a wider audience. I hope you will love my work and receive comfort from my memorial collection and happy memories of loved pets.  Or be inpsired by the landscape collection which I produce that reminds you of a place or gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. 

The nature collection offers some fun or beauty for your home. I also offer a forum you can subcribe to free of charge to enable like minded people to get together and share their work and memories. I hope you will enjoy this site and get more from it to enhance and give a more meaningful sense of life.




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